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Incoming calls on PRI are not transfered to Cisco AA/IVR


Having issue with H.323 Voice gateway. Incoming calls on PRI are not transfered to Auto-Attendant. This happens randomly but I have noticed that the frequency is higher when there are no incoming call no PRI lines. Please check Q921 and Q931 debugs in attachments. The calls seems to be answered by gateway but ISDN-Connect message is never displayed. I tried to call from my IP Phone to PRI but no ISDN-Connect message for this call but the call is landed on gateway. Running CCM 4.2(3), IPCC Express 4.0(4), IOS adv ip sevices 12.4(8).

I also tried from an outside number as well but the results are same.

Another questions is that: we can run both MGCP and H.323 on voice gateway but how will it register with CallManager. I guess we can use some loopback technique for this purpose.

Anyone expreienced something like this before. Need suggestions/comments!



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Re: Incoming calls on PRI are not transfered to Cisco AA/IVR

The inbound setup from PSTN just indicates that the GW hung up the call 6-7 seconds after it started ringing. When the call does not get transfered to AA/IVR, what is the end-user experience?

I would need to see the H323 debugs to see if the following suggestions will really fix it, but I would suggest that you use "connection plar opx 2592" under the voice ports. It seems to help sometimes when there are random failures in a setup like this. I would also suggest that you use "incoming called-number ." on the incoming dial-peer to get a match faster.

Suggested config changes to GW --

voice-port 0/1/0:15

no connection plar 2592

connection plar opx 2592


voice-port 0/3/0:15

no connection plar 2592

connection plar opx 2592

dial-peer voice 10 pots

incoming called-number .

dial-peer voice 11 pots

incoming called-number .

If those changes do not remedy the problem, then I suggest to gather the following debugs for a failing call.

debug h225 asn1

debug h245 asn1

debug voip ccapi inout

Hope this helps!


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