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Incoming external calls timing out on Call Manager ..

Hey guys,

Im still experiencing a strange problem with external incoming calls timing out on our phone system.. That is the ring tone from the caller perspective stops ringing yet the call is still active on Call manager !!.. As the caller stops hearing any ringing they put the phone down.

I have managed to adjust the overall unanswered call length to 9mins by changing the T301 field in the Service Parameter..

This is fine, however if you dial from outside ( into our phone system ) the caller still hears the ring tone for about 3mins before it disappears.. after 9mins the call hangs up as expected.

strangely, this only happens if you have an "hop" involved in the call process..

e.g. We have a phone in system, with Unity answering the call initially before selecting an option and then they get automatcally transfers it to the desire extension..

( At this point, the call leaves Unity altogether, so it is fully back to Call Manager )

If you call the extension directly then this does not happen.. or if the call is internally.. .in these two cases, the unanswer call times out as expected after 9mins.

Has anybody encountered this problem or know where I can fixed this.. ??



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