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Incoming SIP to Call Manager 5.0 on H323 GW


Have a 2811 GW registered as a H323 gateway in Call Manager 5.0. Incoming calls from a service provider using SIP not working. When phone answers the call no ok message sent, instead a 503 Service Unavailable message is sent.

Had enabled sip to h323 calls and h323 to sip calls.

Ringin and trying messages are received ok by service provider.

Any clues will be greately appreciated.

Thank you


Re: Incoming SIP to Call Manager 5.0 on H323 GW

It may be in your DTMF setup in your dial-peers.

What is the service provider expected to send you?

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Re: Incoming SIP to Call Manager 5.0 on H323 GW

Hi, thank you for your response

Had tryied with rtp-nte, and without this sentence.


dial-peer voice 39000 voip

translation-profile incoming test_sip

voice-class codec 1

incoming called-number 8881105335

dtmf-relay rtp-nte digit-drop



dial-peer voice 500 voip

description Internos 500 a 599 - IP Telephony

destination-pattern 5..

voice-class codec 1

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric


These are the incoming and outgoing dial-peers

The error sent now is


SIP/2.0 500 Internal Server Error

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKdd71fc5c2f8c83774dacf50e102723d5;rport

From: <8881100007>;tag=019275116531d888ca7477372888e9a2

To: <8881105335>;tag=8B96BD3C-68C

Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 14:27:34 GMT

Call-ID: f04419d8-1b186395@

Server: Cisco-SIPGateway/IOS-12.x

CSeq: 200 INVITE

Allow-Events: telephone-event

Reason: Q.850;cause=16

Content-Length: 0

Thank you

Community Member

Re: Incoming SIP to Call Manager 5.0 on H323 GW

Found this in debug voice ipipgw

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_get_caps_chn_info: SIP->H323 xcoding, try to get xtream resources

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_get_peer_info: Entry

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_get_peer_info: Have peer

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_pref_codec_list: Peer channel present: dp pref mask=1

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_pref_codec_list: First preferred codec(bytes)=5(160)

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_get_peer_info: Flow Mode set to FLOW_THROUGH

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_h245_state_mc_mode_outgoing: call_spi_mode = 3

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_h245_state_mc_mode_outgoing: h245 state m/c mode=0x4F0, h323_ctl=0x2F

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_h323_control_options_outgoing: h245 sm mode = 1264

May 20 14:49:50.746: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_set_h323_control_options_outgoing: h323_ctl=0x20

May 20 14:49:50.758: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_rotary_validate: No peer_ccb available

May 20 14:49:50.758: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_build_local_encoded_fastStartOLCs: state_mc_mode=0x4F0 on outbound leg

May 20 14:49:50.758: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_build_local_encoded_fastStartOLCs: srcAddress = 0xAC45804, h245_lport = 0, flow mode = 1, minimum_qos=0

May 20 14:49:50.758: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_generic_open_logical_channel: current codec = 5:160:160

May 20 14:49:54.802: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/h245_address_ind: ev=4

May 20 14:49:54.802: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/H323/h245_address_ind: Sending event

May 20 14:49:54.802: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_h245_addr_notify: Sending event CC_EV_H245_ADDR, ev 4

May 20 14:49:54.802: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/ccsip_event_handler:

May 20 14:49:54.802: //-1/xxxxxxxxxxxx/SIP/Info/ccsip_event_handler: switch(ev.ev_id: 145)

May 20 14:49:54.802: //66838/C641F854E7FA/SIP/Info/ccsip_event_handler:

ccsip_event_handler: peer ID 66839 chans 0x48C3B110 event 145 flags 0x40001C 0x403 data 0x48C3B110

May 20 14:49:54.802: //66839/C641F854E7FA/H323/cch323_h245_addr_notify: Unable to send event CC_EV_H245_ADDR

What does this event CC_EV_H245_ADDR means?

Thank you

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