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Incoming weird call issues

We have to replace a CUCM Publisher for one of our customers we had some issues with replications when we introduced the new server we fixed it all looks good now but we have a strange problem in some phones , phones are showing up as registered but when we call that extension internally or externally call routes to based on settings in " Forward unregistered internal or external" for that line, it appears like CM is not looking phone as registered even though phone is registered. I do have a work around if I make a small change like CSS for that line or change the Display name then it works fine. I tried bulk reset, upgrade to latest firmware, bulk change on these phones nothing works unless I go in to each phone and make a change I wonder what triggers this to CM. Hope fully it is not a bug .

Does any body had weird issue like this?

To be specific CM version is 6.1.3 2000-1.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Re: Incoming weird call issues

Hi Bala,

You may be hitting this bug;

CSCsq24852 Bug Details

DRS Restore of the Publisher doesn't instruct to reboot subscribers


Disaster Recovery System Restore of a Publisher node only doesn't instruct to reboot the Subscriber nodes.


Starting with CUCM 6.1(2.1000-13) Restore of a Publisher node does not require to rebuild the subscriber nodes. However all the nodes in the cluster must be rebooted in order to get all applications in sync.


None. After the DRS Restore completes reboot all the cluster nodes including the subscriber nodes AFTER DB Replication on the cluster is resetup. Monitor the Perfmon counter Replicate_State for all nodes in the cluster and ensure they are all point to 2 (good) before you initiate the cluster reboot. DB Replication setup could take a long time depending on the cluster size and DB content and Clustering Over the Wan delays.

Further Problem Description:




3 - moderate

Last Modified

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager)


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Hope this helps!


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Re: Incoming weird call issues


As always thank you ..I'm not sure we are hitting this bug even though we are running 6.1.3 2000-1 chances are there because we spent lot of hours in fixing DB replication and we did not reboot all the subscriber servers. We have 5 sub and PUB, we have reboot 3 SUB's and we have not reboot PUB and two of the subscribers yet. I guess we can try rebooting entire cluster when we get a chance.

Thanks again.

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Re: Incoming weird call issues

Hi Bala,

First off, you are always welcome my friend!

Have you noticed any correlation between the phones that are having these issues, and the two Subs that were not re-booted?

Just a thought,


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Re: Incoming weird call issues

I thought about that too but no actually problems are there on the phones where I reboot the subscribers also.Strange!!!

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Re: Incoming weird call issues

FYI..I found a workaround to Bulk it, Using Bulk tool - export phones - alldetail - make one minor change like CSS for Forward busy on the line - import back - This triggered something on the phone so don't have to restart the servers or manual update on each phone.

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