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Input needed - Fax Server for CCM 4.1(2)

Recently my org upgraded from ccm 4.0(2) to 4.1(2)

We are looking to cut costs, and one idea that has come up is to migrate our fax machines from normal PSTN lines to a Cisco VOIP Phone adapter or something like that.

What experience has everyone had with these devices? Is it really worth it to switch?

The item were lookng at is the CISCO ata 186

We have about 40 fax lines between 3 locations


Re: Input needed - Fax Server for CCM 4.1(2)

They work but can be flaky, especially when firmware upgrades come into play.  If you have a concentration of faxes that warrants it, you might look at using a VG224 gateway(s) and set them up as FXS ports on the analog gateway.  What you need to look at is the cost of each POTS line per month over the course of x number of years vs. the cost to put everything coming in via CCM which would entail the number of ATA's you need and/or VG224's and/or combo of those devices. As I said the ATA works but I dont think anyone would claim them as favorites in the Cisco device realm.

If you are truly looking for a Fax Server as the subject implies, I would highly recommend taking a look at XMedius Fax by Sagem-Interstar.


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Re: Input needed - Fax Server for CCM 4.1(2)

I agree wholeheartedly with David Hailey! We had mixed success with ATA's and Faxing with our Call Manager 4.1(3)

setup until we went to the Interstar Fax Server 3 years ago. We Love it! C

heck out this

Incoming faxes over Analog and/or T1 are a no-brainer. Faxes coming in over a SIP trunk (from the PSTN) are a challenge, but we are also doing that. drop me an email at if you want more details.  Good Luck!!

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