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Inserting Hyphens in 12-digit Numbers + Use prefix properly

Good Monday Morning!

I am running CUCM 6.0 H.323 and using mobile connect and incoming calling party national number prefix phone is set to our access code +1, 81.

When we get calls from other employees using their BlackBerry's the missed/received calls has 81+their 4 digit extension. How do I set the prefix to NOT be placed on these calls, but only on the NPA-NXX_XXXX calls?

I was requested to find out if we can have the missed and placed calls have hyphens. By definition, I should be able to set this to true in the Advanced Service parameter and be good to go.

When I tested it, the caller ID looked right BUT the missed/received calls was wrong. The last two digits were truncated and the called party 4 digit extension was added. The number is listed properly without the hyphens.

Any ideas?

Community Member

Re: Inserting Hyphens in 12-digit Numbers + Use prefix properly

I can't help with your mobile connect / prefix issue.

But I see the same thing you see when "Insert Hyphens in 12-Digit Numbers" is activated.

Calls appear as 81-XXX-XXX-XXZZZZ, where XXXX is from the other party, and ZZZZ is the phone extension. Makes it useless.

This is on 6.1.1, SCCP 7940's.


Re: Inserting Hyphens in 12-digit Numbers + Use prefix properly

We upgraded to 6.1.1 and now MGCP instead of H.323. Good to know it's not worth me messing with.

It would be easier for the users to SEE the phone numbers with the hyphens. Oh well...

Anyone have a fix?

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