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install CUE license files with FTP help

Can someone help me out  with the install of cue license files with ftp.

I am a little bit lost.

I have the license files of cue, ( cue-vm-license_12mbx_ccm_7.0.6)

But not sure what i'm doing wrong, using filezilla looks so complicated.

Does someone know how to use it with  ftp client.

I know the instructions how to session into the AIM module, already configured my service engine.

But i''m stuck with the ftp part.

I gave my router statically ip adress my local laptop has statically ip of

I am able to ping and backwards reachability is fine.


install CUE license files with FTP help

hi monasir81

CUE-SM#license install ftp://username:passwd@/path/license_file.lic
Optionally if FTP server is setup for Anonymous user, then following command can be used:
CUE-SM#license install ftp:///path/license_file.lic

and you sure the correctly instalation when apper this

Application will evaluate this change upon next reload
1/1 licenses were successfully installed
0/1 licenses were existing licenses
0/1 licenses were failed to install

i use 3cdaemon ftp server

best regards

Community Member

install CUE license files with FTP help


Have you already tested with any other PC/laptop you can reach and download from your FTP server?

If the FTP connection is OK, then follow this procedure on the cue module:


BR, Peter
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