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Install New Firmware in Cisco IPT 7962

Dear All;

I have Call Manager version: and Cisco IPT 7962.

When connect new Cisco IPT 7962 to our call manage and make reset phone to force IPT install Firmware from call manager the phone cant take the firmware and system crashed the cisco logo appear on screen only .

After that i am download the "cmterm-7942_7962-sccp.9-2-1SR2.cop" from cisco and upload this pack to call manage and reset TFTP Service.
IPT 7942 Take the New Firmware Successfully But still the problem in Cisco IPT 7962 the phone still appear Cisco Logo only.

How I can Solve this Problem



Eng.Mohammad Barghouthi


Hi,If only one 7962 is


If only one 7962 is affected you can try a factory reset using the following steps, else try connecting this 7962 to the switchport where a working 7942 is connected and see if it changes anything.

  1. Unplug the power cable from the phone and then plug it back in. The phone begins its power up cycle.
  2. While the phone is powering up, and before the Speaker button flashes on and off, press and hold #. Continue to hold # until each line button flashes on and off in sequence in amber.
  3. Release # and press 123456789*0#.




Community Member

HI,Thanks for you assistance


Thanks for you assistance.

I am replace IPT 7962 with 7942 and try to make factory reset, its work successfully and new firmware installed after that, connect IPT 7962 to the same port and do factory reset the screen appear the new firmware will be start less than 5 sec. and the screen change to Cisco logo and stop for this logo, after few minute the phone restart automatically and try to upload new firmware but the process not completed without any error appear but the phone stop on Cisco Logo.

how i can fixed it.



Mohammad Barghouthi

Community Member

Dear All; ho i can see or

Dear All;


ho i can see or view the logs or make a real trace and logs to check why the Cisco IPT 7962 not apply new Firmware  and why the IPT  stop on Cisco Logo the check box on below left screen under the logo is Two circles inside some.



Mohammad Barghouthi

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