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installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

Anyone still workin? I got an FXS card I can not figure out. MGCP configured, I get dial tone, but cant to/from the ports on an analog phone.

PT and CSS same as IP phones.

Route pattern set

Route list set

Route Group set

Is there is something in router I need to add for the voice-ports? They just bare bones right now.


New Member

Re: installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

This may not be the way you want to implement your FXS card, but the example that follows works for us. We have a 2851 with multiple T1 PRI's and a 4 port FXS card. The router was initially setup as an MGCP voice gatway (before we got the FXS card). We were able to get the FXS card to work by making a new H323 voice gateway object in the Call Mgr for the same router (create an H323 gateway with the ip of the same router). This allows the gateway to act as both an MGCP and an H323 gateway.

Once this was done, we created route patterns for the extensions that we needed to pass to/from the FXS card. 1

We then made sure the following H323 related commands were configured in the router:




voice class h323 1

call start fast

call preserve

voice-port 0/1/0


voice-port 0/1/1


voice-port 0/1/2


voice-port 0/1/3


dial-peer voice 1234 pots (unique dial peer #)

destination-pattern 1234 (4 digit DN #)

fax rate disable

no digit-strip

port 0/1/0

forward-digits all

dial-peer voice xxxy pots

destination-pattern xxxy

fax rate disable

no digit-strip

port 0/1/1

forward-digits all

Rinse and repeat for the remaining 2 FXS ports.

How this works is that when an outside call is made to an extension associated to the route pattern with the H323, the call comes in the PRI, hitting the MGCP gateway, which then does a call lookup to the CM, which vectors the call to the H323 gateway (in this case itself but the H323 version). The H323 gateway then does a lookup and sees the dial peer pots with the destination match for the extension, and routes the call out the FXS port.

As I said, this is somewhat cheesy, but it works well for us, and allows inbound/outbound fax calls to our analog based fax system.

Hope this helps...if so please rate.



Re: installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

Thanks much for the insight. I opened a TAC case over the weekend and after bunch of hours of configuring and testing, they finally said, NOPE, you cant do this. so I changed the (4) ports DN numbers.

then created a hunt group pilot 6xxx

with the (4) DNs in the list.

Works fine now.

But......always but... I cant get the DIDs to flow from the PRI into the FXS card ports. It rings and the fax server answers, but is not getting DID information.

I know callmanager knows what DID it is because I have:

Number comes in as 555-16xx

Translation is set to 16xx---->6xx (meaning 3 digit extensions)

Pilot hunt number is 6xx

So it's getting through, but not handing it to the port for some reason. If I did not have 6xx in the hunt port, then the fax server wouldnt even ring, so i know it is working.

Do I need to change this to a h323???

New Member

Re: installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

I can't say for certain, but I'm leaning toward yes, if you create the h323 gateway, then the CM should forward the digits to your fax. To clarify, are you looking for the dnis digits to pass through from the originatig caller? I believe with the gateway configured as an h323 as well the digits are forwarded because the CM does not handle call details for H323 devices.

Let me know if it works and good luck!


Re: installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

yeah, I am confused on this now.

Incoming 555-1800

Translation pattern 18xx ---8xx

Hunt Pilot 8xx

Hunt group (4) port FXS card ports (dns 2100-2103)

The server answers, takes the fax, but no Digits.

whats odd is that the hunt pilot knows the new dialed number IS 8xx and rings the port. So the port should have the "dialed number"

Re: installed FXS card 4 port, busy signal in/out???

Just to update this. We ended up changing it from MGCP to H323 for the FXS card. Basically, translation patterns were used to convert it in CCM from 4 digit to a 3 digit in it's own PT and CSS. Then a Route Group for the 3 digit in that PT/CSS which forwarded it to the H323 gateway.

The gateway then had to be configured to for the patterns we were using (6-9xx).

dial-peer voice 1 pots

destination-pattern [6-9]..

incoming called-number .

port 0/3/0

forward-digits all