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installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware


I am trying to install the call manager for 4.2.1 via VMware... however after I put in the CD, it keeps aborting and saying " the installation program has determined that this server is not supported by this media"

any idea?


kind regards



Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

Every CallManager installation CD has a hardware detection part which detects if the hardware is supported by Cisco. If it is not then you will get this message.

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Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

Newer versions of the software (late 6 release, for sure 7 releases) have removed internal restrictions that prevent you from completing the installation; however, it does mark the entire platform as unsupported.

If you are trying to do this for some type of lab purpose, one way to get around it is to perform the install on valid Cisco MCS hardware and then virtualize it (aka V2P).

Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

You can install CM 4.x on VMWare; however, you cant use Cisco platform discs to do so. You need to first build a valid Windows OS as a base platform in VMWare. You can then do some registry edits to fake out the hardware checks that run when using the platform discs.


Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

Hi Rachel, there are many forums on the net explaining how to do this procedure i.e. Hacking the registry etc.

As explained by others your best bet is to get your hands on a 6.x 7.x CUCM install CD as this can be installed easily in VM. With this method you even get 50 free DLU's to licencse your phones and a server license.

If you really require 4.2 an other option could be to buy an older DL320 (minimum 1.13GHz processor, 1GB RAM). With the correct Hardware detect disk install older versions of CCM OS and then install 4.1 and then upgrade to 4.2. Quite long winded but it works.



Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

Hi Rachel as stated above, please install regular Windows, hack it, install Cisco OS

Insert CCM media that should work

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Re: installing call manager 4.2.1 via VMware

Hi Guys,

Thank you all, I have successfully installed the 4.2.1 on VMware. Thank you all for the suggestion:)

have a great day!

Kind regards


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