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installing same cucm version inactive partition

Is it possible to install the same version of cucm v9 to an appliance? We had already upgraded but not switched and now there have been changes to the running version that we had to include in the new version.  Thanka


installing same cucm version inactive partition


Never seen this requirement.

But changes made in the DB of active version do not get replicated to version in inactive partition.

what is the CUCM version u are running in which changes have been made and upgraded CUCM version?



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installing same cucm version inactive partition

Cucm 8.6 upgrading to 9.1


installing same cucm version inactive partition

Hi ,


you first upgraded from 8.6 to 9.1 , did not do switch over, after that you made changes in 8.6 but that changes won't replicate to 9.1

Now u want to do switch over to 9.1.

Best option would be to re-install CUCM 9.1 in INACTIVE Partiton while 8.6 is in Active Partiton and immediately do switchover.



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installing same cucm version inactive partition

If you have not switched to the upgraded version, then you are not running cucm 9.1 rather you are still on the old cucm version. Second you cant install the same cucm version on the smae server. Your options are to upgrade your current cucm 8.6 version to the cucm 9 and it will have all your data in it.

You cant just install cucm 9 in inactive partition, you do that by upgrading your existing system.

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I am aware it's 2 year old

I am aware it's 2 year old post,but i hope it will help some one Who will go for an upgrade without any stress:-)

We have experienced the same problem,Where we have upgraded the publisher alone in inactive Partition to but we didn't switched the version.After a week we installed the same version again in publisher on inactive Partition without any issues.

Below are the installation logs.If my guess is correct, it removes all the old files in inactive partition while we upgrade.

01/31/2016 23:01:55|New version is|<LVL::Info>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Not a restricted to unrestricted upgrade|<LVL::Info>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Cleanup data from a prior upgrade attempt|<LVL::Info>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Removing any /grub/boot/grub/grub.conf.recovery|<LVL::Debug>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Removing previous rpm_archive /common/rpm-archive/|<LVL::Info>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Invalidate upgrade partition|<LVL::Info>
01/31/2016 23:01:55|Clean up rpm any stale __db. files in rpmdb on the to side|<LVL::Debug>
01/31/2016 23:01:56|Removing any master RPM from /partB|<LVL::Debug>
01/31/2016 23:01:59|Removing any /partB/etc/opt/cisco/install.conf|<LVL::Debug>
01/31/2016 23:01:59|Invalidate any product configuration file|<LVL::Debug>
01/31/2016 23:01:59|Setting product and deployment version attributes in /partB/etc/opt/cisco/install/conf/callmanager_product.conf to|<LVL::Debug>

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