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Integrate Cisco IP Telephony with Ericsson MD110 BC9

Hi All,

We have a client who wants to integrate Cisco IP Telephony with Old Ericsson PBX MD110 BC9. The scenario is as follows:

Cisco IP Telephony (New Building):

1- Cisco Voice Gateways 2921

2- Cisco 7816 CM 8.6 Servers

3- Cisco 7825 Unity 8.X Servers

4- Total Extensions = 300

Ericsson Analog Telephony (Old Building)

1- Ericsson MD110 BC9

2- Total Extensions = 1000

3- Total Outside Lines = 250

For integration we have proposed the following:

1- Cisco 2921 with VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1

2- Ericsson TLU76/11 E1 Card

Integrating VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1 using QSIG with TLU76/11 E1 Card.

My questions:

1- Is this solution correct? (Can we integrate these two using QSIG with Comm. Manager 8.6)

2- What type of configuration & IOS is required?

2- Is it possible to integrate them using Analog Lines i.e. FXO, FXS or E/M? If Yes, what type of card is best suited.

Thank you.

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Integrate Cisco IP Telephony with Ericsson MD110 BC9

Are you a Cisco Partner with UC specialization ?

If not, I recommend that you contact one.

If yes, you should lknow the answer to these general basic questions.

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Integrate Cisco IP Telephony with Ericsson MD110 BC9


Thank you for your response.

Yes we're Cisco Partner with UC Specializatiion.

The problem that we are facing is that Ericsson BC9 is very old model, and we don't know whether it can support a TLU76 module of the newer models and whether this BC9 model of Ericsson can support QSIG integration or we have to go for analog.


Integrate Cisco IP Telephony with Ericsson MD110 BC9


If the MD110 has DPNSS capacity you can use a Cisco VG30D to convert      the DPNSS to QSIG then to the router etc

MD110 ---- DPNSS --- VG30D --- QSIG --- ROUTER ---- CUCM



Regards, Alex. Please rate useful posts.

HiI have the same topology.


I have the same topology. The integration was done with E1 R2 MFC. It is working but incremment a large number of alarms of slip. The clock configuration status is okay but in both interface a lot of alarms of slip appears.


the only difference is It that there is no VG30D between them.

Best regards,



Daniel Sobrinho
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