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Integrate CUCM 8.0 with Avaya PBX Communication Manager 5.2 through CLAN


We have CUCM 8.0 cluster with Cisco H323 voice gateways.We want to integrate our Cisco IPT setup with customers remote Avaya PBX(Communication Manager 5.2.1 & CLAN for enabling IP) using H323 protocol.The integration will be through MPLS WAN circuit.Need help to confirm if below options are feasible.

1. Configure a VOIP dial-peer on existing Cisco IOS H323 voice gateway pointing to Avaya CLAN IP address.On remote Avaya PBX point to our Cisco H323 voice gateway as destination to route incoming calls.

2. Configure remote Avaya PBX CLAN IP address as a H323 voice gateway on our CUCM8.0 cluster and route all outbound calls to Avaya PBX through this new H323 voice gateway.

- I would prefer option1 if feasible as can configure few access list on Cisco H323 VG to control inbound traffic to CUCM cluster. Please let me know if option 1 is feasible & recommended?

- Option 2 is easy to configure as direct H323 trunk from CUCM to Avaya PBX CLAN interface. If this is feasible, is it secure to configure this option? checking as between 2 private networks.

-We may have to NAT CUCM server and IP phone IP addresses on firewall, will it affect voice quality or have any other issues?

Please let me know feasibility and which is recommended among above 2 options.Also if NAT can be used in such integrations.




Re: Integrate CUCM 8.0 with Avaya PBX Communication Manager 5.2

We have some integration as option 2 but avaya system is on the same LAN segment of CUCM and this a different story.
With remote systems a gateway is preferable.
Nat has different aspects to be considered such as RTP and even H323 signaling but if correctly configured it should not bring any issue.
Better choice would be a VPN between sites.



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