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Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)


I have calls coming into my cluster in E164 format, whilst retaining 7 digit internal extension numbers. I have two clusters setup using a non-Gatekeeper controlled inter cluster trunk, the issue I have is the + not being sent across the ICT, for example:

  • Inbound call to 5006000 from PSTN, displays as +44141123456
  • 5006000 selects transfer and calls 4006000, displays as from 5006000 (consultative transfer)
  • 5006000 completes transfer, the display on 4006000 updates to show the call as from 44141123456 (no leading +)

Looking at the logs on the 4006000 cluster the + does not appear, so assume its not supported across the ICT, so my question is how can I re-insert the +, I have tried to do this using the Incoming Calling Party transformation on the Trunk however I can't get this working to update the originally calling party number (44141123456), I can only seem to modify the calling party initiating the call across the ICT (5006000)

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Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)

What versions of CUCM are you using?

SIP is Cisco's recommaded integration method on recent versions, is that not an option for you?



Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)

i think the h323/ict removing the + of the redirected call

as Chris sugested can you try SIP instead !

no sure in call manager if you can add the + to the redirected number you might need a CUBE in between with translation pattern to prepend the + to the redirected number

again this is just assumption its better to test


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Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)

DId you ever figure this out?  Running into a similar issue now.


Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)

This is a limitation of H323 which is what is used for ICTs.  You have to use SIP or add the + back via calling/called party transformations.



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Re:Inter Cluster Trunk - E164 Plus (+)

i would suggest to use sip trunk where we can use incomng transformation CSS to insert + sign on ANI.

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