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intercluster trunk - non gatekeeper controlled

Hi all


I would like to make calls inbetween 2 of my sites, both using call manager 8.6


we have a prefix set for each 8801 for HQ and 8802 for the remote site.


My question is, do I just add the intercluster trunk on each CM? and add the route pattern?

Can I control bandwidth or calls by setting up location?

when I add the trunk will it do anything to CM, do I need to restart services etc and will it take anything down?






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Hi Carl,If you have call

Hi Carl,

If you have call manager (CUCM) cluster at each side then just you need to have route patterns and ICT trunk at both sites. You may need transcoder and hw conference resources if you apply G729 codec or any other compressed codec for these trunks.

When adding ICT trunk and new route pattern then you dont need to restart anything.

I think, you may use locations in CUCM to control the bandwidth but someone needs to confirm.



Hi Carl, As per SRND, SIP

Hi Carl,


As per SRND, SIP Trunk is recommended if both CUCM are 8.x versions and above.

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It's unclear from your post

It's unclear from your post if you have 2 separate CUCM clusters or simple a remote sites hanging of off centralized CUCM cluster.  If 2 separate clusters as already answered build a SIP trunk between the systems and point route patterns --> route list --> route group --> SIP trunk.

If this is one cluster simply build internal dial plan i.e. translation patterns to route calls accordingly.


Just use a SIP trunk between

Just use a SIP trunk between the clusters.  All you have to do is reset the SIP Trunk after adding it.  Make sure to add all of the nodes for each cluster in the Destination section so you can account for the incoming calls coming from any node on the other cluster.


You can use locations-based CAC for bandwidth control or you could use RSVP.

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