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Intercom Auto Answer Off not present


i'm using CUCM 7.1.3 and i have a strange problem: when i create or configure an Intercom DN i can't select "Auto Answer Off" option because there isn't.

I was reading every manual and all said that there are 3 options for configuring Intercom DN Auto Answer:

- Off (default)

- With Headset

- With Speakerphone

But i really can't find the first: this is very important because all Managers of my company don't want Auto Answer On when assistant press Intercom button. I was thinking about my fault in configuring the device properties but is not: even if i simply create Intercom DN (without assing it to device) i haven't the "Auto Answer Off" feature.

Thank you.

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Re: Intercom Auto Answer Off not present

as i know, callmanager doesn't offer auto answer off like CME, but there is another option, which might help your situation - hotdial.

hope this helps.

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Re: Intercom Auto Answer Off not present

Hi Harsun,

thanks for reply. The example is useful but i must create 40 Intercom lines and the procedure could be long. It's incredible that the online manual of CUCM says that the "Auto Answer Off" can be set for Intercom DN and realty is different. Maybe could be an Enterprise or Service Parameter ?


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Re: Intercom Auto Answer Off not present

Hi Roberto,

Intercom is really an "always on" feature as described below. The Intercom call is answered in a Whisper state unless configured to;

Auto Answer (on an Idle Line state)

- With Headset

- With Speakerphone


Intercom, a new type of phone line, combines the functionality of a traditional line and a speed dial. With an intercom line, a user can call the intercom line of another user, which auto-answers to one-way audio whisper. The recipient can then acknowledge the whispered call and initiate a two-way intercom call.

Users can use an intercom line to dial any other intercom line in the intercom partition, or the administrator can preconfigure the line to target an intercom line outside the intercom partition.

Note Users can use an intercom line only to dial other intercom lines.

Introducing Intercom

Intercom allows a user to place a call to a predefined target. The called destination auto-answers the call in speakerphone mode with mute activated. This sets up a one-way voice path between the initiator and the destination, so the initiator can deliver a short message, regardless of whether the called party is busy or idle.

To ensure that the voice of the called party does not get sent back to the caller when the intercom call is automatically answered, Cisco Unified Communications Manager implements whisper intercom. Whisper intercom means that only one-way audio exists from the caller to the called party. The called party must manually press a key to talk to the caller.

Note An auto-answer tone will mark the beginning of the whisper state for both the sender and the recipient.

If you want a setup where the Manager has to press a Line button before the Intercom-style call is connected, here's

what to do;

On the manager phone create a new Line/button with a new DN...let's say it's 2511 with a Line Text Label called Intercom.

This number is a non-DID number

On the Secretary/Admin phone create a Speeddial button that dials 2511 with a Line Text Label called Manager.

When the Secretary/Admin presses the newly created Manager Line Button a direct call will ring 2511/Intercom

line on the Manager phone. It will NOT Auto-Answer and the Manager will either press the Intercom

button to answer the Secretary or ignore the call.



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