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International Calls Fail when using Cable and Wireless-Panama

We use a 2821 and an ISDN E1 in our Panama office.  Calls made to international numbers fail during setup.  Not all calls fail.  Seems that all calls to the US are ok, 50% of calls to Latin American countries fail, and 100% calls to the Carribean fail.  ISDN debugging shows that CW is terminating the call (normal call clearing).  It seems impossible to get any ISDN switch support from CW Panama.  Does anyone have a good sample CW Panama gateway configuration, or does anyone else have this same problem?


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Re: International Calls Fail when using Cable and Wireless-Panam

You should collect 'debug isdn q931' output and see what the cause of the failure is.

Ideally, collect it for a working and a non-working call, and compare what is different about the two calls from an ISDN perspective.

My guess is the provider isn't liking the plan/type presentation of the ANI or DNIS.  Or the ANI/DNIS number isn't formatted in the numerical length in which the provider is looking for.


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Re: International Calls Fail when using Cable and Wireless-Panam

Working with TAC, we eventually figured out that some of the problematic calls (maybe all), were actually calls to numbers that were busy.  For some reason, the ISDN progress indicators (PI) were not being interpreted properly, so the busy tone would never play for the calling party.  The calling party would interpret this as a failed call.

After adding the command "no voice call disc-pi-off", this resolved that issue and the busy tone now plays when it is supposed to.  Since then I have heard no more complaints about this type of behavior.

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