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internet down affecting calls?


Cogent just has an issue this morning, our internet was down for about 20 minutes.

The wierd thing is, we can not call any numbers outside the company. Our PRI is on a seperate voice gateway connecting to Verizon which should not be affected by the internet.

Unless Cogent and Verizon share the same physical layer and there was an issue with that physical layer, I can not think of any other causes. I called both parties and they denied they share any lower layer facilities.

Anyone experienced anything like this?


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Re: internet down affecting calls?

Telcos often share things without even knowing or admitting.

However, when calls fail, you got to check on the gateway, T1 controller up, any ISDN failure code, etc.

Or keep logging on and you will have track of anything.

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Re: internet down affecting calls?

Thanks for your reply.

I checked the log on the voice gateway, T1 controller never down, nothing wrong from the log. I guess the only possibility is they share something in lower layer.

Re: internet down affecting calls?

You may also want to make sure that the dial peers used for these types of calls are also not going out over the WAN via VOIP. It is possible your calls are using the WAN without your knowledge, but fail over the PRI. Not as likely, but something to check.

It is reasonable to see a WAN failure affect both internet and phone systems.

I worked with someone this week where their internet T1 was receiving slips and they were getting static on the FXO lines at the same time!


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