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Intrasite busy call on CUCM ver 8.5

Hello All,

Today, we just noticed an issue on intrasite cluster calls.

We have a site which has a 3 digit dialing [XXX], we have around 500 phones on it. But on few phones we are getting fast busy tone when we make the call.

Even we tested this call with in their site, same result.


The traces shows as below from the calling party phone.

19:16:37.421 |StationInit: (0060229) StationMediaPathEvt Speaker (3) = On (1)|7,100,50,1.378033155^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.434 |StationInit: (0060229) OffHook.|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.434 |StationD:    (0060229) restart0_StationOffHook - INFO: CI=0 on line=0, SPKMode=0, alwaysPrimeLine=0, alwaysUsePrimeLineForVM=0, fid=0, offHookTrigger=0.|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEP001E13E5FE3F
19:16:37.434 |StationD - adding linestruct at index 1 
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) restart0_StationOffHook - INFO: CI=0 on line=1, SPKMode=0. New call.|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) preProcessing - INFO: Please Send the signal now.|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) INFO- sendSignalNow, sigName=StationOffHook, cdpc=1056326|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) restart0_StationOffHook - INFO: STORE Cdpc=1056326 on line=1.|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) SetRinger ringMode=1(RingOff).|7,100,50,1.378033157^^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) SetSpeakerMode speakermode=1(On).|7,100,50,1.378033157^X.X.X.X^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX
19:16:37.435 |StationD:    (0060229) DEBUG- star_DSetCallState(0) State of cdpc(1056326) is 0.|7,100,52,1056326.1^*^*
19:16:37.435 |LineControl(11256) - 2 calls, 0 CiReq, busyTrigger=2, maxCall=4|7,100,50,1.378033157^X.X.X.X^SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX

My calling party's line control says, already there are 2 calls on the line, can you please look into this and give me an idea to move further towards resolution. 



Is it a shared line?  Can you

Is it a shared line?  Can you show the section of the trace where re-order is sent to the calling phone?

Hello Brain,Thank you for

Hello Brain,

Thank you for replying.

  • Its no a shared line, we have a single 7941 phone configured for this DN.
  • Its an intrasite call - works on SCCP protocol.
  • Guess its not a reorder tone, its a busy tone.



You can try resetting the

You can try resetting the phone which should create a new LineControl process.


Would probably need to see the full trace to see exactly when the tone is hold and what process initiated it/for what reason.

Thanyou Brain,On my traces, i

Thanyou Brain,

On my traces, i see the below messages to my calling party from CUCM.

|StationD:    (0060229) StartTone tone=35(LineBusyTone), direction=0

|StationD:    (0060229) DisplayPromptStatus timeOut=0 Status='€' content='Busy' line=1 CI=121449036 ver=85720016.







That's for the calling phone?

That's for the calling phone?  Was that line control process for the calling phone or the destination phone?

Yes, Brain.Its for my calling

Yes, Brain.

Its for my calling party phone, and i dont see any event for my destination phone.

I am not sure how to make my calling party phone's line control to "0" from "2".

Interesting part is if i make the busy trigger to more than "3" on destination phone, it works. We have around 15 sites

in our cluster, but only on this particular site we have this issue.