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Introducing CME Operator Console Lite


I'm done with a little project that should be useful in many CME installations.

This is an web based operator console that will show real-time status of your SCCP phones (SIP phones are not supported). Features:

- Graphical status of the phone, with associated extensions. Active line is put in bold.

- DnD and CFA are displayed.

- Configurable to select phones to display and their order.

- Can display some ephone details for troubleshooting.

The console is written in PHP and uses SNMP to get information from the router. The load is minimized by getting the configuration information once, then polling only for active status.

I've tested with IIS on a PC with XP, and a standard distribution of PHP, the installation is quite easy.

The utility is free and I will publish here a link for download once I have completed testing. If you can help now in the testing phase, please contact me at the address present in my profile.

Screenshot attached.


Re: Introducing CME Operator Console Lite

Hi Paolo,

Hope you are fine, can you send me a copy?

Thanks for using Cisco Products and help

others in this forum.

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Re: Introducing CME Operator Console Lite

I think I've done enough testing and it's time you guys try it.

Please report any feedback here. There is certainly improvements that can be done, however the most important one that I've planned, that is an alternative to browser-based refresh, isn't trivial and I'm not sure when I shall be able to do it.

For now, if bothered by the 'click' that IE does when refreshing, you can use firefox that does it silently. There is also a javascript technique that let you silent the click, however I haven't had the time to try it yet.

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