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Invalid CLID on phone with CFA

IP phone DN=511 with external phone number mask 0408515511

When this phone makes an outside call the external mask is displayed correctly.

When IP phone 511 has a CFA to an external destination the external mask is not send, only the DN=511 is send to the PSTN.

ISDN Q931 debug:

Sending Complete

Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A3

Standard = CCITT

Transfer Capability = Speech

Transfer Mode = Circuit

Transfer Rate = 64 kbit/s

Channel ID i = 0xA9839D

Exclusive, Channel 29

Progress Ind i = 0x8083 - Origination address is non-ISDN

Calling Party Number i = 0x0081, '511'

Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

Called Party Number i = 0x80, '0402582911'

Plan:Unknown, Type:Unknown

11:17:36.256 Netherl: ISDN Se0/3/0:15 Q931: RX <- CALL_PROC pd = 8 callr

The phone mask and route patterns are working as they should when we make a direct call from the IP phone. However when we set a CfA on the phone only the internal DN is send to the PSTN. The provider overwrites this to the 10 digit main number.

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Re: Invalid CLID on phone with CFA

Please check the digit translation for calling party number in Forward CSS(configured in DN page) is configured accordingly.

Or, you can change the value of "Calling Party Selection" on VG configure page to slove your problem.

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