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IP Communicator prompts for internet proxy login when it launches

We are deploying IPC v as part of our new Callmanager 6.1(2) deployment.

We have the software packaged via Marimba for deployment.

Oddly, whether i install it locally or via the package, when it launches it prompts for a proxy web login - as if it is trying to access something on the internet...?

This occurs at the "Starting Audio" splash screen. If you ok or cancel the request, the software continues to load and then functions normally.

I'd like to understand what the software is trying to request from the web - anyone seen this before...? If i can suppress these login pop-ups each time its launched, it will be better for our users.

Anyone had this happen on IPC before...? (We use a proxy for authorised web access)


New Member

Re: IP Communicator prompts for internet proxy login whe

ok - i may have ansered my own question here :o) I had a colleague assist in checking our logs on the proxy - seems that my laptop is trying to resolve the IP address of our CUCM tftp server thru our BlueCoat proxy...

...all rather odd. I assume because it has to resolve an IP address it is being picky.

I am going to look at putting in an exception for the tftp addresses on the BlueCoat.

Please shout if anyone has seen similar before. Im hoping its the BlueCoat and not the IPC software !

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