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IP Communicator 7.0 Audio Issues

Hopefully someone could provide some insight and perhaps put a few questions to rest for me. I'm sure this has been covered before but all that I am finding on searches is correspondence from 2-3 years ago and I would imagine things have changed.

Audio/Volume Issues with IP Communicator 7:

1.) Is there any need (documented/undocumented) that IPC users need to have administrator privileges on their machines? Reason I ask is that I have several complaints that users need to constantly adjust their volume levels. The volume level they adjust to today will not be the same when they come in tomorrow or even adjusts throughout the day. I've seen posts in reference to IPC 2.0 in which several users stated they needed to give their users admin rights....

2.) Some calls sound louder/fainter than others - yes I know that there are several factors that come into play dependent upon whether the caller is calling from a cellular device or landline, etc...

I've checked the rx/tx packet size, jitter, slips on the T1, etc - no issues. We're using G.711. It just seems that the audio is never consistent. These are imaged/cloned pc's yet the IP Communicator was loaded AFTER the pc was imaged. These users currently do not have admin rights. We are using VXI USB Pro-200 headsets, Dell Optiplex 755's with integrated sound. I've tried getting a usb powered hub and plugging the headsets into it - no change. I've had them run the "Audio Tuning Wizard" hundreds of times. In the meantime I've asked our helpdesk group to hand install a few machines to see if that helps. We're looking into other headsets. We are using Intel NICS on the desktop. Any ideas?

Call Manager:

Contact Center 7.0(1) SR3

IP Communicator: 7.0(2)


Re: IP Communicator 7.0 Audio Issues

Run a couple other tests.

IPC to IPC on the same Subnet/vlan/switch. Same outcome?

IPC to IP Phone on the same subnet/vlan/switch. Same outcome?

At least you can narrow it down to issues with either the PC or the network.

I have a dell Latitude 620. Something is goofy on my system board that causes a buzz in my USB headset. if I unplug my power supply, it works fine. I replaced my power supply and still nothing. I have yet to reload my machine.

So problems are not uncommon, but typically it has to do with the local PC.

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Re: IP Communicator 7.0 Audio Issues

I have in our enviroment encountered this problem. user says i set volume to mid level, after call is complete volume was back to full. i created a user with my name, gave admin rights and the volume stayed where i set it. Went back in gave the user admin rights, rebooted pc, and the problem was solved. wierd thing is we have 80+ communicators out there and i have only had this reported to me 5-10 times. but in my case anyway, giving the user admin rights solved the issue.

good luck

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Re: IP Communicator 7.0 Audio Issues

and just an FYI we run IPCOMM 2.1.3

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