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IP Communicator issues

i have been rolling out these softphones thoughout my organization for sometime now.  but today i hit a brick wall trying to figure out an issue.

Issue:  3 of my most recent softphone installs have come up and work.  they can make calls to cell phones, POTs phones, and other softphones.  but when they call another cisco device (7962, 7965, ect..) the call will establish but the user on the soft phone cannot be heard.  and this only occurs when a call is being made between the softphone and a cisco ip desktop phone. 

i have about 40 other soft phones that i have installed that work great.  but its only these three that are causing issues.

i am using CM version 8.0.2

please help


IP Communicator issues


Did you go through the Audio Tuning wizard? Is the mic working when going through the wizard? Are the softphones that work and dont work in the same VLAN?

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IP Communicator issues

Check whether those PCs can work with other Softwares that use Mic. and speakers.

If yes,

In addition to what is suggested by george, go to Preferences > Audio

Try out all combinations of microphones you have

Go to Preferences > Audio > Network . Check the IP address populated is correct.

Also check settings on

Preferences > Audio > Advanced.



“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”
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IP Communicator issues

i tried using different cofigurations with the headset, microphone and speakers.  didnt change anything.  i verified that the VLAN was correct as well as the IP address.

but im still having the same issues.   these 3 softphones (out of 45 total that work) can make calls to cell phones, other softphones and any land line with no problems.  it is only when they call a desktop VOIP that is programmed within the same CM. 

my next step is to try and uninstall and reinstall the program on the users computer.


IP Communicator issues

Have you checked to see if the local firewall on the PC is maybe blocking the traffic?

I would probably install wireshark on on of the offending Pc's and see if you can see the stream in both directions.

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