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IP Communicator audio device support needs more granularity

Hi All,

The current audio device setup allows the user to select different devices to serve the handset, headset and speakphone duties.  However, the selection process makes the assumption that a particular device will be both the input (microphone) and out (speaker) for that duty.

This really represents an outdated concept of a "device".  Windows presents users with playback devices and recording devices as separate entities.  IPC should be updated to reflect this thinking.

For instance, my own setup:  I have a Jabro 9400 series USB headset that Cisco allows me to select for any audio role in CIPC, since it supports both input and output.  I currently have this configured for all three audio duties (handset, headset, speaker) in CIPC as it's the only device I have that meets this criteria.

However, I also have a PCI sound card driving speakers on my desktop, and a USB webcam with an integrated microphone.  Every other telecom app I have allows me to use this hardware in a speakerphone like configuration.  However, because the input and output are different hardware devices, I can not duplicate this configuration in CIPC.

Is there some architectural reason why seperate input and output devices can not be used for a particular audio role, or is this an enhancement that we might be able to look forward to in a future release?

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IP Communicator audio device support needs more granularity

First to level-set expectations of this forum: The Cisco product managers do not participate here and even if they did product roadmaps and comitted features require an NDA.

Having said that, have you tried setting CIPC to use the default Windows device and then setting the appropriate microphone/speaker device as the Default Communications Device in the Windows control panel applet? This should allow the decision to be made by Windows instead of CIPC.

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