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IP Communicator calling into IPCC Queue

We have a IP Communicator Phone that can call into the queue and reach an agent. I have another IP Communicator Phone that calls into the queue and gets trasferred twice and goes to a fast busy.

10.35.227.x is the IPC that works.

10.35.6.x is the IPC that does not work.

10.80.x.x is the voice vlan.

the 10.35.227.x network and the 10.35.6.x network are in the same network. We use /16 mask so there is no difference in routing. I also did a test last week where I put his softphone on the 10.80.x.x network and it was having the same issue. To me it does not seem like a network configuration problem. Maybe a configuration error in the softphone?

Cisco Employee

Re: IP Communicator calling into IPCC Queue

sounds to me you have the optimize for low BW checkbox, you had posted this before and codec issues were suggested, did you check that???

what do you mean by transferred?? does someone takes the call and transfers it? or exactly what?



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if this helps, please rate
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Re: IP Communicator calling into IPCC Queue

If you call 8110 you are propmpted by a greeting, "You have reached ISCT, please hold", then as it transfers you to IPCC you hear "Transferring to Attendant". At this point you should get an agent on the phone, instead you get a fast busy and it never reaches the agent.

What is the Low BW Checkbox?

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