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Ip communicator over wireless

Hello Guys,

Would like your help since i found very few documentation/support on the internet about that.

The guys from my company want to deploy 130 notebooks running over a wireless network.

We will not use ip phones but ip communicators as communications devices.

My question is.... Has someone alreday deployed this kind of architecture? I afraid that running voice over wireless will badly impact the quality of the calls.

Are there any best practices?

Thanks in advance,

Filipe Leite.                   

Cisco Employee

Ip communicator over wireless

Hi Filipe,

It is possible to use IPC over wireless LANs, but you have to be very careful with QoS. If you refer to the SRND below, you'll see a section that talks about Wireless LAN Infrastructure.



Regards, Tere. If you find this post helpful, please rate! :)

Ip communicator over wireless


The 7925 wireless IP phone deployment guide would be a good starting point for understanding the issues with running voice over wireless.

Obviously you will need to consider the other traffic to/from the notebooks running CIPC.

I have customers who successfully use CIPC wirelessly but not with the quantities that you are considering in a single office.

The BYOD guide at the link below may also have some useful content.

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Ip communicator over wireless

Unless your wireless infrastructure is poor, I wouldn't worry at all.

However for effective use of the system, wherever possible, is better to have physical instruments rather than PCs, .

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Ip communicator over wireless

Hi, I have a deplyment with IP communicators using CME and they are using analog lines. The problem is they complain a lot regarding the performance of their IP communicators. The AP that they are using is a 3502. It's a small office and all of them use wireless and they all connect to this 1 AP. For me, a physical phone is still better since you can separate the voice traffic from the data traffic unlike in a softphone wherein the data and voice are shared in the wireless infra. 

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