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When you select "Use the Default TFTP servers" setting on the IP Communicator Network preferences how does the program determine what servers to use?



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The IP Communicator gets the Default TFTP server from the DHCP server. Generally the DHCP server is set for Option 150 which contains the IP address of the TFTP server.

Re: IP Communicator Question

had to think about.. yeah that is true. It works in two scenarios. For instance.. if the user is at home, they get an IP address from their Linksys router or some wifi connection that does not have TFTP option 150 configured. When IPC starts up, it needs to know where the TFTP server is... or it will not start.

If you are on the LAN, and you have your scopes configured for this, they you could leave default. But if they are outside, VPN back in.. then you need to insert the TFTP Server 1 and 2 if you have one.

Hi Casper,When you select

Hi Casper,
When you select "Use the default TFTP severs" in IP Communicator Preference option it will take that tftp server which is provided by DHCP in dhcp option 150 (that you need to 
configure in dhcp).Else you can manually add the TFTP servers by selecting "Use these TFTP servers" option, so IP Communicator after getting the network configuation 
will use the defined TFTP servers to get the config.



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