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IP Communicator(s) in single device pool


I feel like this is an old topic but searched and didn't see much about it.  I am looking to isolate all of my IP Communicator devices into a single Device Pool.  However, as many users have 2 devices IPC and a desk phone.  I would like to retain the same extension on both devices.  The Directory Number would be maintained in the same partition but would just be in different DP's.

My end users for IPC are mobile employees, support, and agents.

I cannot think of a reason why this would create a problem but thought I would ask the community.  If you guys see any potential pitfalls.


Thanks for any thoughts or assistance.




If your device pools have the

If your device pools have the same properties, then there should be no issue and you can safely do it.


and if those two are the same and you stick all your IPC devices in it, you could wonder; why bother.




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To your question about why

To your question about why bother?  Disable 911 and for specific filtering for 3rd party applications that might have some limitations on their programming.

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If this fits your environment

If this fits your environment then there is no issue with it, device pool is device level setting vs. DN setting. To block 911 calls only from the IPC devices depends on your current setup, i.e. are you using device/line approach for CSS?  Are you using local route group?

Alternatively, if the idea is to force remote IPC users to use specific device pool why not rely on device mobility feature which does just that, define device mobility info with subnet of your VPN subnet(s) and assign mobility DP.


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Chris,The device mobility is


The device mobility is a good idea for me to research.  I haven't really done a lot in that area.  So definitely something I should investigate.

There are obviously multiple ways to restrict specific dialing.  I suppose I was looking at primarily helping the filtering with the application Syn-apps and dumping large groups of devices into particular alerting groups.  At the same time easily filtering out my IPC's by DP.  Rather than having to cherry pick the IPC's out.  The search function in Syn-Apps is lacking in detail and in my particular case it is rather more important for it to be detail oriented.


***Apologies for being intentionally vague and then tossing the 911 issue into the mix as a primary reason. :)


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Got it, remember though the

Got it, remember though the purpose of DP is not "sorting" :-)

It drives how calls are routed (if using local route group), what codec is user between calls, location bandwidth among other things, if that all fits for your deployment and things will not mis-behave then by all means user one DP.

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haha...i know exactly what

haha...i know exactly what you are saying...being lazy and was trying to skirt around the obvious issue.  Thus why I thought I would put it out there and gauge public opinion.  I live dangerously.  Thanks Chris!

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