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IP Communicator to IP Communicator no audio


Hoping someone else has encountered this issue and can offer some assistance. We have deployed IP Communicator to two users and everything works fine - except when they call each other they have no audio. Calling IP phones works fine. They both are using DSL service and connecting over VPN - Juniper. In case it matters we are running call manager 4.2 (3) Appreciate any help!



Re: IP Communicator to IP Communicator no audio

Typically one-way or no audio issues are related to routing or blocked access. One thing you need to check is to make sure that VPN User A can ping the IP Address of VPN User b and vice versa. If this is good, look at firewall settings and make sure nothing is blocking the UDP RTP ports.

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Re: IP Communicator to IP Communicator no audio

If your problem not yet solved then try this, I too faced the same problem when two users are connected by VPN (Cisco) and using IP communicator then they able to call others but can not call them self. You need to apply a fillter in VPN, it is called hair pinning of traffic. please try go thorug Cisco documentation so that atleast you can get an idea which can help you to configure in Juniper VPN.


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