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IP Communicator used to reach dial up modem

Is it possible to use Cisco IP Communicator to reach a dial-up modem instead of using the pots line?

I would appreciate any general guidance for this direction

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Re: IP Communicator used to reach dial up modem

No, sorry. There are specialized applications (virtual com port) that can make a dial-up modem on a cisco router to appear like a local resource on the PC.

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Re: IP Communicator used to reach dial up modem

I can use putty to dial into a dial up modem and then I have terminal access. I think I need to clarify something.

Instead of using my modem and a pots line to reach the dial up modem, can an existing and functioning Cisco IP Communicator application be used to reach a dial up modem instead of a pots line? The device behind the modem may or may not be a Cisco Router. That is why your response confuses me

I can call the modem with Cisco IP Communicator. I hear the handshake. I guess I need to add Communicator as a modem on my laptop somehow?

I see a page on this website named "Modem Passthrough over Voice over IP" so I know it is supported, somehow, with some kind of configuration. Maybe the IP Communicator server can support this? Or maybe a new server needs to be built?

This idea is fresh, and I thought it may be as simple as installing a new modem on my laptop that uses IP Communicator to make the call. I need help to get started.

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Re: IP Communicator used to reach dial up modem

Hi, you dial to remote modem, but there is no way the the ICPC will establish a modem connection, or emulate a modem for the PC.

And, neither a physical modem installed in the PC can use the ICPC or viceversa.

From that the recommendation that you install your own modems and then share them via virtual com port.

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