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IP Fax solution

Dear Friends,

I require few suggestions for implementing IP Fax solution on my existing IP Telephony infrastructure.

I have a 1000 line Ericsson MD-110 EPABX integrated with my IP Telephony network through Cisco 2811 Voice gateway.

The EPABX is connected to Cisco 2811 VG through 2 nos of PVDM2-64 E1 interface.

The 1 no of E1 line is terminated on my EPABX where I have segregated the channels for DID and DOD facilities.

As per cisco documents PVDM2-64 is capable for voice as well as fax service.

So, is it possible to configure the same interface for sending/receiving FAX also??

What are the command line configurations i have to put in my Cisco 2811 VG for enabling the same E1 for voice and fax service??

How can i integrate the IP fax service with my unity server so that i can get the mails on my required IP Directory numbers which are already having associated with my Mail server??

Awaiting for valuable inputs.


Kumarjeet Acharya


Re: IP Fax solution


Unity supports T37 inbound/outbound faxing and this requires a lot of memory on the router terminating the fax call as the router renders the fax information received into a tiff image and then sent to Unity. There is a performance hit on Unity at the same time depending on the volume of faxes you send outbound via Unity.

Unity does integrate with third party fax servers such as Rightfax, Cisco fax server etc. Do you have a third party fax solution in place or you looking to use Unity as a fax server ?

Community Member

Re: IP Fax solution

hi shanky,

Thanks a lot for the input,but i still have some doubts.

I can get the rightfax solution ,but in that case how can i utilise my exisiting ip phone numbers as fax numbers.I want to publish 10 nos of ip hone numbers department wise inm y organisation as ipfax numbers to the outside world,so that any outside lagacy fax machine can fax to my ip phone with did prefix number.(e.g 232987,where 23 is my did prefix and 2987 is my ip phone number,where 2987 is been configured with my unity for fax service with my mail server).

Also what will be configuration parameters i have to put in my Voice gateway.

Please suggest.

Community Member

Re: IP Fax solution

so... I could add a fax board to my Unity 4.2.1 server and get it to recieve faxes using the regular extension in Unity as the routing? That would be awesome. I have already over built my unity server. I know it could handle the additional cpu load.

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