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IP Handsets placed calls - name


When you go to placed calls in the ip handset the number is shown and not the name of the person even though the name and number are in the directorys and they match 100%.

We are using call manager express.

It works for internal calls but not external calls.

for example

john is ext 4001 and if you dial 4001 and then go to placed calls afterwards it says 4001 john.

if you ring peter on his mobile 90868939383 for example then go to placed calls the phone number is only shown (9 is the outside line). the 9 is also in the directory as well so the name and number match 100%.

can this be done?


Re: IP Handsets placed calls - name

Someone will have to correct me if I am wrong but I believe when calling an internal extension the name that appears in the Placed Calls pulls from the "Allerting Name" Field in the line configuration of that Directory Number. It does not reference the Directory for that Information. So calls to the outside will not have a Name Associated with it.

I suppose if you really wanted to accomplish something you could create a CTI Route Point with Internal Extensions of say 90868939383 with an Alerting Name but you will have to be tricky with Partition and Calling Search Spaces to accomplish this and it may cause some problems with things like Secondary Dialtone after a 9 and increase your complexity especially when it comes to troubleshooting. Could be a can of worms you dont want to open up.

Hope that helps!


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Re: IP Handsets placed calls - name


thanks for the info.

do you have any links on how to do this?


Re: IP Handsets placed calls - name

Unfortunately I don't know of any documentation for something like this.... just in my head.

So hear goes -

I am making some assumptions about your setup.

1.All Extensions/Numbers that can be dialed by all phones have one single Partition assigned to them. In my example let's say it is PT_Primary Partition.

2. You have other Partitions and Calling Search Spaces for Route Patterns that dial out particular Gateways. Let's call one location PT_SiteX Partition and CSS_SiteX Calling Search Space.

I would create an additional Calling Search Space for this exercise called something like CSS_OutboundAlertingName and put PT_SiteX in that Calling Search Space but make sure and EXCLUDE PT_Primary Partition so anything that has this new CSS assigned to it can call the Route Pattern with PT_SiteX Partition but cannot dial internal extensions with PT_Primary Partition.

Then setup a CTI Route Point for each number you want to assign an alerting name, in this example let's say one is 915554443333, and assign the PT_Primary Partition to it so any phone can dial it. Then set the DN to call forward all to 915554443333 and set the Calling Search Space to CSS_OutboundAlertingName on the call forward all.

So user dials 915554443333, it matches the DN on CTI Route Point with extension 915554443333 with Alerting Name configured, CTI Route Point then Call Forwards All to 915554443333 using CSS_OutboundAlertingName which contains PT_SiteX Partition only which matches digits to a Route Pattern like 9.@ because it has PT_SiteX Partition assigned therefore dialing out.

Now one bad thing here is if you set it up this way if anyone dials 915554443333 it will dial out SiteX instead of their local gateway. Again - can of worms I spoke of. You can work around this but it would take more configurations.

Another bad thing that I discovered while testing, in my placed calls I see two entries - one was the CTI Route Point 91555444333 with the name and an additional 915554443333 which was the call forward so it doubled up the entry.

Hope that was not too terribly confusing….


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