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IP Phone 7931G

Hi All,

We're implementing a IP phone system with 2811 CCME and n.23 7931G phones. It's first time that we use this new phone model.

Now we see that into phone menu's there aren't the functions to access to local phone book or others phone book site on remote system that for example a server with Stone Voice Speedy application. If we try to configure into router into Telephony-service section the commands "Directory Entry" to add other numbers other the 24 numbers configured on 24 buttons these numbers do not appear on phone display using scroll button. How is it possible to add on phone directly other numbers? and is it possible to enable the functions present into other phone model that 7912 etc? and how we can access to shared phone book?

Thank You for best support

Kind Regards



Re: IP Phone 7931G

To get the VM, Directories and Menu to display on the 7931 you need to apply the phone template for it. There are two button layouts for the 7931. The first layout will use button 24 & 23 Menu & headset. The second layout is will use 24, 23, 22 & 21 (Menu, Headset, directories and messages).

To create a template for these phones do the following

ephone-template 1

button-layout 7931 1 or 2 ( think is the exact command).

ephone 1 (7931)

ephone-template 1

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