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IP PHONE 7940 lost services



we have a bunch of these 7940 that have lost services like EM and phone directory.


i ve tried to restart them but they dont.


the only way i found is to physically unplug them and plug them back


as we start to have more and more complains, i m thinking to reload the switches to give them a clean cut but the idea is not welcomed


any idea?



Cisco Employee

Hey,Roughly how many phones


Roughly how many phones are being affected? Would you be able to perform a factory reset on one to see if it helps. Here is a link with the instructions for the 7940 models: 


Let me know if this helped



Hi in order to fix the phone



in order to fix the phone i need to unplug the phone from the network to power it off then plugging it back in. i dont need to do a factory reset.

so far we have 20 phones affected but might be much more

my question is "apart reloading the switches which would force the phone to reboot is there any other ways?"



Super Bronze

HiThere are always ways :-


There are always ways :-)

Firstly though - if you have a problem like this affecting multiple phones, I would be looking for a root cause. It could be a bug in the phone firmware, or it could be a configuration or external factor.

I would be at the very least browsing to the IP phone, verifying it has the services URL, that the services URL is reachable from the phone, checking what messages are displayed on the phone when you press the 'Services' button, perhaps even packet capturing the phone traffic to see what is going wrong... 

If you simply reset, you may just postpone this work.

That said - if you want to reset the phones fully...

conf t

interface range gig0/1 - 24

no power inline

<wait 10 seconds>

power inline

Obviously - set your interface range command appropriately for your switch type.



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Hi Aaron, thanks for your

Hi Aaron,


thanks for your comment.

these phones have been here for 10 years. no apparent changes were made to cucm or network.

could be a bug or a one off....

i can see the phone ip, i can even browse the phone using its ip but that's all. if i sent a restart or reset from cucm to the phone it does nothing.  the debug display tab shows nothing .. just blank.

if you press the service button, nothing is display just blank . we should see the EM option. the same for the phone directory ... blank

user is logged on the phone but if they log out they cant log back in

the 3 options i suggested are

1. reload the switches: simple and quick. only end user devices are on these switches

2. PoE cut as you said: more work to be done

3. shutdown the voice vlan so the phone starts panicing :-)


what do you think?




Super Bronze

I think only options 1/2 will

I think only options 1/2 will reboot the phones fully. 3 will be like a reset/restart.

I'd check the logs - you can browse to the phone, get someone to press services and see what the phone does.

Post them up if you aren't sure. 


Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!

hi we re going to reload the



we re going to reload the switches.

the logs are empty

services is empty

cant see anything at all



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