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IP PHONE 7942 not booting after factory reset - CME9.1

Dear Experts


I have a cisco 7942 which is not booting after i performed the factory reset to the phone. (#123456789*90#)

The main screen loads up and says upgrading then sudden displays error and gives the Cisco symbol with a dot.

I have having a problem with phone registering process. The phone was not registering to the CME 9.1 (router 2901)and the CM IP which it received was wrong. So i reset the phone to factory. Now the phone is not booting etal.

I have other 7942 phones in the network and they are working fine.

Here is the config whcih i have on the router.


ip dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp pool voice
 option 150 ip


And I have added phone load file under the telephony service

load 7942 term42.default.loads

The phone is receiving the ip verified it with sh ip dhcp binding command

Your help will be much appreciated. thanks.


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A couple of quick comments

A couple of quick comments:

  1. Your factory reset sequence is not correct.  You stated 123456789*90# and it should be 123456789*0#.  Typo or performing the reset incorrectly?
  2. Your DHCP config looks good, option 150 is the key ingredient.
  3. For the load command, you need to specify an actual firmware filename, not the default.  The phone will ask the TFTP server for the default load automatically, so be sure it's being served by your TFTP server.  show run | in tftp-server
Anthony Holloway

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Community Member

thanks for your response

thanks for your response Anthony.

Factory reset sequence has been performed. It was typo.. my bad..

I have copied the firmware files to the flash and will update the load command with the file SCCP42.9-3-1-1S.loads and will update you on the result. thanks.

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Hi, sounds like you've to



sounds like you've to upgrade the phone to the 8.5.2 load with the appropiate default.load -

after that you can upgrade to latest version 9.x-x




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