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IP Phone 7970 Restarting

Hi all,

One of my customer has a problem with IP Phone 7970 which is registered in CCM 4.2.It was working fine before, but when i changed the location of the phone and connected the cable, the phone is restarting again & again.

I did the factory reset also but the same problem again after loading the firware(it is displaying that firmware is loading).

If any one know the answer to this issue, please let me know...

Thanks is advance.

Sadiq Kareem


Re: IP Phone 7970 Restarting

What model switch is the 7970 connected to? Are you seeing any errors relating to power supply issues on the switch?

Community Member

Re: IP Phone 7970 Restarting

Ok. We have been getting a simular problem with the 7970s not registering properly. On the same POE switch module, different phones will work and some will not register at all. The symptom is that if you look at protocols passing through, the phone will stop at FTP load and not do them at all. Phones on the same switch will FTP load fine. Factory reset doesnt help.

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