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New Member

IP Phone Call History

Hello everyone,

I've got a UC500 installation with two 7941 IP Phones and for some reason, there is no call history on the IP Phones. As such, the customer is unable to view his missed calls!

Any idea what the problem might be ? I've also connected an IP Communicator to see if the problem is related to the IP Phone software but the same problem occurs.

Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated.

Thanks !


Re: IP Phone Call History

Which Firmware,?

that happens for IP Phone to IP phone as weel??

running SCCP?

Can you see called number? Only missed calls?


New Member

Re: IP Phone Call History


Many thanks for your interest.

All IP Phones are running sccp and the UC520 is using the following firmware:

(UC500-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(11)XW6

I've now upgraded it to uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.124-11.XW9 and awaiting the customer so I can reboot the UC and see if we have different results.

To provide more details, when there's an incoming call, the number of the calling party is shown on the IP Phone, but not listed in the call history (missed or answered calls).

One small additional detail which might be important. The 7941 phones installed came from a different installation site where they were running CCME 4.0.1 if I remember correctly and thus their firmware might have been upgraded back then;

I've also got one of these 7941 phones in my lab, running on a 1760 with CCME 4.0 and I'm experiencing the same problem!

Do you beleive it might be an issue with the firmware loaded on the phones ?


New Member

Re: IP Phone Call History

I have run into this issue before, and it was a firmware problem. I had to do create-cnf files to make the config files look the newest for the CME, and then get the UC520 to load them with the firmware it wanted to have on them, and the problem was resolved. Hopefully this will assist it your situation as well.


New Member

Re: IP Phone Call History


Yes, that's what I thought it might be as it doesn't seem logical to be associated with the IOS - its basic functionality so it should work 'out of the box' !

I'll give it a try and update this thread for future reference for this community.

Cheers mate,

New Member

Re: IP Phone Call History

I've just done some testing on my 1760 CCME 4.0.2 system.

After downloading the 7941G firmware associated with my IOS reload (12.4.11T) I reset the phone and let it update its firmware. Tested the missed call functionality and still the same problem.

However, I did notice that when I hit the 'Directories' button, I received a "Host Not Found" message on the lower section of the screen.

Following is my 'telephony service' configuration in case it helps:



load 7941 SCCP41.8-0-4SR2S

max-ephones 30

max-dn 150

ip source-address port 2000

system message Cisco Call Manager Express

network-locale GB

time-zone 31

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

max-conferences 4 gain -6


multicast moh port 2000

web admin system name cisco password cisco



transfer-system full-consult

create cnf-files version-stamp Jan 01 2002 00:00:00



New Member

Re: IP Phone Call History


I've been continuing my tests with the 1760 in my lab and discovered that the problem is related to the 'overlay' feature used to combine multiple lines to one physical button!!

While this might sound abnormal, I've tested it out and everytime I configured the phone to one single line ( button 1:x), I was able to see the missed calls under the directory/missed calls section.

When changing the phone's config to button 1o1,20 , and cleared the call history, all future calls wouldn't show up in the 'missed calls' section!!

Has anyone seen this 'bug' or am I missing something here ???

I'll try the same scenario at my customer tommorow and I've got a feeling the same problem will occur there.

Any ideas ?