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IP Phone for profoundly hard of hearing employee

Need suggestions for Cisco IP phone model and equipment connection method for profoundly hard of hearing employee.

Walker amplifier has 22 db sound amplification. Need amplification in the 45 db to 65 db range.

Employee has bluetooth enabled hearing aids with 55 dB amplification. Cisco IP phone not connection to Oticon landline to Oticon Streamer bluetooth adapter.

Has anyone made a successful connection between Oticon Bluetooth ConnectLine with Oticon Streamers and any Cisco IP phone model?

Employee has bluetooth Oticon streamer but the streamer's mic does not give the connected caller quality audio. The employee's outgoing sound has 'a tinny headset sound'. The Oticon mic picks up all surrounding sounds and does not cancel out adjacent conversational sounds or noise. The Oticon bluetooth streamer/mic device hangs about the employee's neck on a neckloop that acts as an antenna.The Oticon mic is more that 9 inches from the employee's mouth.

The primary reason for using the bluetooth Oticon Streamer is that the streamer uses the employee's programmed hearing aid processor for amplification instead of only amplification like prior methods of T-coil and external amplifiers.

Is there a way to connect the Oticon streamer via the streamer's direct 2.5" stereo jack normally used for listening to computer audio or MP3 player, which bypassing the Oticon mic, and then use a headset for handsfree?

Headsets, for handsfree access to a terminal, create discomfort for the employee as the ear piece is not used for hearing. Also too much equipment on the employee's ear area: headset, hearing aid and eye glasses.

Is there a way to split the handset so that the employee listens via the Oticon streamer directly connected to the phone bypassing the Oticon streamer mic and use the Cisco IP Phone handset?

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IP Phone for profoundly hard of hearing employee

I don't know if this helps

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IP Phone for profoundly hard of hearing employee

Sea Slave,

Have you had any luck finding a solution?  I have a user with the same setup.  She was given the Opticon adapter for an analog land line and I could not rig it to work through the handset. 

Thank you

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