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IP Phone Licensing

Hi all,

I want to know th licensing process for ip phones, and how it would be uploaded in both CUCM and CUCME.

I searched a lot, but couldnt find some helpful documents.

Pls help

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Re: IP Phone Licensing

Licensing in UCM is currently done by Device License Units (DLUs). Each phone - and some other features - consume a certain quantity of DLUs that are taken from a pool. When the device is deleted those DLUs assigned to it are returned to the pool. You purchase DLUs from Cisco and install the license file on the UCM Publisher node. Note that this licensing model is in the process of changing to become more user/set-centric. Starting with 7.1(5) and 8.0(1) you purchase either a UCL or UWL seat. A UCL or UWL Standard seat entitles you to one phone for that user. You can purchase adjunct device licenses under UCL or upgrade the seat to UWL Professional to get additional devices for that user. Both of these new programs have separate concepts for public space (e.g. meeting rooms) and analog ports.

As for CME it is done entirely on paper currently. I'm sure this will change but for now all you do is order the appropriate phone SKU that includes a CME entitlement license.

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