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IP phone over a FXO line


im having some issues trying to connect a cisco 7960 to my communication network, im using a cisco router 1760 series with 2 E&M cards, and a 4 port FXO card, without the phone the network is working perfect. 
what I need is to connect the ip phone through the ethernet port on the router, and receive calls from the 4 lines connected on the FXO card. also, In the ip phone I need to select a line from which I would like to call from the FXO. So, each port from FXO, need to be paried directly to a line on the ip phone. ( SEE ATTACH FOR DETAILS)

I have already read about trunk-group, or PLAR, but I really dont understand how exactly I paired each line on FXO directly to the phone, I know its of easy but Im stuck in this. Thanks a lot for your help. 


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What is acting as the call

What is acting as the call processor for the phone?  CallManager? CME?  The answer will help determine your solution.

you need at least 2801 router

you need at least 2801 router with cme

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