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IP Phone Registration Problem

I want to know that if any Ip Phone is not working ,in call manager first it shows 'Not Registered',Then'not found' and sometimes 'unknown'.i am using cisco call manager 4.1(3).and Ip phone 7902 and there any time interval or any type of other parameter or other thing like upto this much time phone will be 'Not registered' after some time it will go to 'Not Found'.Please help.


Re: IP Phone Registration Problem

Is this a fresh installation?

Check if the IP phones have got IP address and they are able to ping the TFTP server as well as callmanager. Check if there is any routing loops preventing the ip phones getting registered.

New Member

Re: IP Phone Registration Problem

First of all thanks for giving reply

No,this is not the fresh installation.the phone was up &in cisco call manager it was showing that"Registered with Cisco Call Manager"& it was taken the ip if i remove the power it is showing "Not Registered" in call manager but it will show you the ip which it took from dhcp.If you check after one day it will show you"Unknown" in cisco call manager but still it will give you the ip.after 2 day if you check it will show "Not Found" & as well as you won't get the ip also.

I want to know that is there any time limitation or any other parameter which control this?

Please help.


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