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ip phone registration with cme

I deployed cme of 14 users (12 7911 and 2 7914)After some months some of the phones got bad. I brought the bad phones back to my office from the site. I fixed some in my office and got a replacemnt for the ones I coudn't fix. I tested all of them in my office and they were able to register with callmanager 4.1 running in my office. I then took them to site and added the new ones. The challange now is that both the ones I fixed and the replaced ones could no longer register with the cme. I did a reset and they keep going back and forth upgradding and cisco logo page.

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Re: ip phone registration with cme


the problem i think is with your loads for the phone

have you given the proper load for the phones???

also under telephony-service have you typed load command and also tftp-server command globally

i think this will help you

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Re: ip phone registration with cme

Hi Mohamed,

I have done the tftp server command and also the phone load. Remember that there are other phones (both 7911 and 7941) that are still working fine. If the tftp server command or the phone load is not done properly, these phone should not work. I still need more suggestions.

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Re: ip phone registration with cme

hi christiano

most probably resetting the phones or router might have caused this issue

so you check the cme version and the load compatible for those phone and u repeat the steps by removing the previous ones first

if is not working u factory reset the phone and do the same

i also faced the same problem and when i did it like this way it worked. The problem is the phones are getting the load from the CCM but it is not taking from the CME

u try this way, if is helpful lemme now


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Re: ip phone registration with cme

Just because the working phones are ok at the moment does not mean that there is not something wrong with the configs regards loads/tftp or the files on flash. Because once these phones have upgraded they will not need to look for these files again.

Use debug tftp events to see what files the phones are looking for and which ones they can't find.

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