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IP Phones and Callmanager

What does it take to get my Cisco 7960, 7940, or 7910 IP Phone to register with Cisco CallManager?



Re: IP Phones and Callmanager


Most versions of CallManager require either auto-registration to be activated on the subscriber or the IP phone to be configued in the publisher's database. Registration also requires the network to allow DHCP (either from CCM or a different source) and TFTP.

To configure a phone in CallManager start at the administration web interface. From the top menubar select Device->Phone.

On the top right of the phone page should be an option to add a new phone, select it.

Select the phone type from the drop-down menu.

Input the MAC address from the back of the phone, select a device pool and assign.

(You can also select media resource group, and location if desired.) Some attributes can be "inherited" from the device pool.

To add lines select the option from the left column once the phone is built and inserted.

For additional information you can refer to the troubleshooting documents below (TAC case collection).

For network configuration and port usage you can refer to the following documentation for CCM.

Hope that helps.


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Re: IP Phones and Callmanager

make sure you buy licenses for all your phones. If you don't, your phones won't work.

basically CCM will register the phones once a MAC address is given.


Re: IP Phones and Callmanager

well...there's a few things you'll need to have in place for this to happen:

1) your callmangler will need to be configured properly - ie, if you do not have the devices defined you will want to turn on auto-registration

2) your dhcp server will have to be configured properly - to at least dish out an ip address, default gateway, and option 150 (ip of the callmangler)


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Hi bbaley,There are two

Hi bbaley,

There are two methods to get your Ip phone register with Cisco call manager but first the requirement are :
1)Power to IP Phone : this can be either from any PoE port in switch Or power through adapter.
2)Dhcp server : the connected device(in this case IP phone) will follow the DORA process to get -
ip address from the pool of available Ip's, subnet mask, Dns address, default router, and domain name. Dhcp is to be configured with an option 150 (for TFTP Server address).Since 
all the config, firmware can be downloaded from that directory. Cisco call manager also provide a feature of TFTP server, so 
you can make Cisco call manager as your TFTP server. Provided that you have to mention the TFTP address in DHCP as that of 
Cisco call manager. And in cisco call manager you have to enable the feature of TFTP server and give it the ip address that you will 
configure in Dhcp option 150.
Once, IP Phones will get the TFTP server address it will start downloading the config file. Here you need to remember that you can make the 
device registration as auto registration or configure it manually .

1st method to configure it manually :
Note the mac address of ip phone wich is printed back side of it -> go to CM administration -> in device tab -> select ip phone -> select add new device ->
now select the model of the ip phone, assign the mac-address of the ip phone and provide the extention number
2nd mathod : Configure an auto generation in Cisco call manager -> go to Cisco unified call manager and enable auto registration -> choose system and then cisco unified call 
manager, assign the dirtectory number, 
now your IP Phone will get register from cucm 



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