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IP Phones displaying wrong time

I have just deployed a new remote site w/SRST router and 42 phones (mixture of 7911s, 7942s and 1-7937). All of the phones except one 7911 and the one 7937 are displaying time as 4 hrs ahead (UTC). Every other site we have is displaying correct time. All sites are the different device pools but the same date/time group. All sites also have the same phone loads. Any idea why only two phones would be showing correct time? The only difference with those two is that I did not BAT those two phones in and then use TAPS - all the phones with incorrect time were configured via BAT/TAPS. We are using the PUB for NTP with the SUBS synching with the PUB. When I ssh to the SUB CUCMs and check NTP they show the following:

synchronised to NTP server (x.x.x.x) at stratum 12

time correct to within 36 ms

polling server every 1024 s

Current time in UTC is : Thu Apr 16 15:46:44 UTC 2009

Current time in America/New_York is : Thu Apr 16 11:46:44 EDT 2009

phones are showing UTC and not calculating the -4 offset

Thanks in advance


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Re: IP Phones displaying wrong time

Try bugID CSCsh12444. From what it says, third-gen phones on affected versions will not update their time zone unless the time has drifted more than 10 seconds. If your auto-registration device pool had a UTC timezone and then you used TAPS to change the phone to the correct device pool/time zone it may not have updated correctly.

If that bug is what is causing the phones not to update the timezone, just reset the devices in CCMAdmin (not physically) and the problem should go away.

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Re: IP Phones displaying wrong time

Thanks Michael - I actually resolved the issue late last night by restarting the TFTP service on the PUB and then resetting all the phones. Evidently something in TFTP was fudging the time setting that it was handing down to the phones when they registered. I also had some strange SRST issues with incorrect phones registering during SRST (2 device pools as SRST is only licensed for 35 phones) and some phones not falling back when CUCM was back up but the TFTP bounce cleared it all up



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