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New Member

IP Phones - Time Displayed Issue & Unity Express Business Hours

Hi everyone,

I've currently got an installation that's got me scratching my head!

Its a CCME v4.0.1 running on an 2811 with IOS SPServices 12.4(11)T2 and Unity Express.

The router also has an ADSL wic card attached, so it's directly connected to the Internet. I've configured the 2811 to obtain its ntp updates, but also define its self as an NTP master:

ntp server

ntp master

The Unity express module has been configured to obtain its clock from the 2811 by using its FastEthernet0/0 IP Address and it works correctly.

If I enter 'show clock' on the 2811 IOS prompt, I receive:

2811#show clock

01:50:33.087 + Thu Sep 27 2007

I then enter the Unity Express module and give the same command:

unity-express# show clock

01:51:24.871 EEST Thu Sep 27 2007

Now, at the same time, my laptop computer is also showing the correct time (1:51am), but the IP Communicator I've got installed on my laptop shows 22:51, that's 3 hours behind!

However, I do have the following additional configuration in the 2811:

clock timezone + 3

clock summer-time Athens date Mar 30 2003 4:00 Oct 26 2003 5:00

And the unity express module has also the Europe/Athens GMT set in its configuration.

Apart from the IP Phone time display issue, there's another problem.

The business hours I've configured in the Unity Express module don't seem to follow the router's time!

For example, I've set the business hours to 9am - 19pm, but when I make a call at 18:00 (within business hours), I received the 'after hours' prompt!

The problem I'm seeing with the IP Phone display, along with the business hours problem leaves me to beleive there's something wrong happening here, but I can't find out what it is!

Closing, I've doublechecked to see the router and unity express module are in sync with their NTP configured servers and they are.

Any suggestions are mostly welcome.

Thank you for hearing me out :)

New Member

Re: IP Phones - Time Displayed Issue & Unity Express Business Ho

Enter "time-zone <#>" under telephony-service and create cnf-files and reset your phones.

Your phone time issue and CUE issue will be resolved.

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