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IPC - poor audio for only one laptop user

Any thoughts appreciated :o)

We have 200+ IPC users running v2.0.1.0 from CCM v3.3(3).

We have had no audio quality issues in the last 18 months for any user *unless* a Problem was Encountered Between Chair And Keyboard. (PEBCAK :)

However, we now have one user who has Dalek-like audio. Breaks up, distorts etc. All his settings were checked and optimised - the issue was apparent all the time on the network, wireless and broadband.

His laptop was COMPLETELY replaced - the issue went away, all was fine. Then after a few days (possibly after the laptop was docked) the poor audio quality issues returned.

At this stage i am beginning to think tht a hardware fault is occuring, and that perhaps the dockingstation for the laptop here at work is physically damaging the sound card on the laptop. I can't see any other reason why one user would have poor audio even after a laptop refresh. No one else is affected.

The odd bit is that the audio was fine when he got his new laptop, then the issues manifest themselves again.

Any ideas? All the settings in IPC have been fiddled with, his account re-created onm CCM, and I have also tried the registry tweaks (forcing best, worst network performance settings etc)

Any ideas?


Re: IPC - poor audio for only one laptop user

Make sure the device locations have adaquete video bandwidth available.

Ensure the region pairings have a Video BW allocation set per call.

Check IP routing between voice and data VLANs, this is required for camera and phones to communicate.

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Re: IPC - poor audio for only one laptop user

*bump* No one any ideas? We are on the verge of swapping all his dockingstations out and replacing the laptop a second time :)

This is IP Communicator (laptop softphone) only - not video related.

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Re: IPC - poor audio for only one laptop user

I'd recommend you check for a speed/duplex mismatch between the host and access switch.

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Re: IPC - poor audio for only one laptop user

Just for an update: the issue turned out to be dodgy sound card driver software on ONE model of laptop that we are using. Upgrading to a newer version of IPC *or* a newer version of the sound card drivers resolved the issue for us.

An odd one...! :)

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