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IPCC Ent Queue Manager - Call Unhold doesn't

I have a script on my Queue Manager (very similar to IPCC Exp 3.5(4)) that has the following steps:

Play a prompt

Call hold (provides MOH)

delay for 20 seconds

Call Unhold

loop back to the beginning

The caller gets the prompt the first time, hears the music, and the script loops back. But they never here the prompt on subsequent loops (after the first one). I've added delays after the call unhold, put it in multiple times....cannot figure out why the media stream isn't returning.

This is IPCC Enterprise version 7.0 using translation routing. Any ideas?


Re: IPCC Ent Queue Manager - Call Unhold doesn't

IP Contact Center (and EA) are virtual ACDs whcih use a Service Controlled IVR connected via teh IVR PG. As such, the service level reporting for the IPCC/EA services do not reflect abandons at the IVR queue point.

The IVR PG service control reporting has been enhanced to report time spent in the IVR at a queue point as queue time, and calls abandoned by the calls as abandoned. Calls that are routed are counted as answered. By mapping IVR PG and IPCC/EA PG service together, and pulling abandon information out out of the IVR PG Services, we can create a report that has a more accurate service level for the virtual ACD.

For real time reports, this would require joining the service real time table with the peripheral table to get the client type. Normal

statistics would be pulled for the IPCC/EA client, and appropriate abandon information would be pulled for the VRU client to create a combined service level report.

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Re: IPCC Ent Queue Manager - Call Unhold doesn't

I usually structure mine where I have an initial announcementthen hold, then LABEL then unhold, then secondary prompt, then hold, then LOOP to LABEL



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