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IPCC Express 5.0- Queue Designation

We have three queue's that come to our agents. ISCT, HelpDesk, Operator. Is there a way to have it display which one the call is coming in on when a call comes to an agent? Right now we have no idea which queue the call is coming from.

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Re: IPCC Express 5.0- Queue Designation

This is shown in the Call Activity (bottom right of CAD) by default unless the agent has hidden it. It will show a history of the contact including the queue they were in and how long they were in it.

If you wanted to get more elaborate, you could write the CSQ name to an Enterprise Data variable (bottom left pane of CAD). This is much more involved though and the only reason I could think of going to the trouble would be if you wanted to trigger a workflow action based on it.

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Re: IPCC Express 5.0- Queue Designation

I want to be alerted on the agent's phone what queue is calling them that is what I would like. I want nothing to do with the CAD displaying the number, because if the agent has applications open and wants to answer a call they do not want to have to close the applications to see who it is via the CAD.

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Re: IPCC Express 5.0- Queue Designation

There is no native feature that provides this functionality. The only way you could possibly achieve this would be to use IP Phone Agent instead of CAD and add the queue to the Enterprise Data which is shown on the phone.

As a side note: Unless the agent has changed CAD's behavior through the preferences button, CAD will pop above other windows when a call arrives. This solves the "have to close other applications" concern.

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