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IPCC oracle database connect scripting


has anyone every connected a script to a database in IPCC using a stored procedure to call a package instead of a hard coded SQL query. We have millions of records in the database on multiple tables and cannot use a hard coded SQL query. Natively would be the best but I am almost sure that is not supported. Anyone who has any info please let me know.



Re: IPCC oracle database connect scripting


If you are using SQL Gateway you can only make SQL Querys based on the primary key of a table.

You can try to use 'Application Gateway' to program an application that it makes the SQL querys to Oracle and passes to ICM.

If you are using IP/IVR you can try to use the database access to Oracle through an ODBC connection from IP/IVR to Oracle. It would be the same process if you are using IPCC Express Premium.

Hope this helps,

Juan Luis

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Re: IPCC oracle database connect scripting

I am using IPCC Express Premium, and am querying the database through an OBDC driver. The problem is a hard coded query is not efficent on such a large database. I need to somehow pass the query on to a package in the database and alow oricle to do the query and pass the results back to the IPCC. I don't like the OBDC I would rather have Native but I can deal with the OBDC. I definitly can not have a hard coded SQL query repeatedly hitting the database.


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